These People Will Do Literally Anything To Avoid Paying For Train Tickets. WTF?

Nobody likes paying to use public transportation like buses, trains, and subways, but some people are going to insane lengths to catch a free ride.

While train surfing isn’t exactly new, it’s been making headlines as people from all over the world have been doing whatever they can to avoid paying for a ticket — including parkour and clinging to the sides and backs of train cars.

While it’s amusing for some who witness it…

….it’s not funny when you consider the danger these people are putting themselves in.

Some have died after falling off…

…while others have been seriously injured or arrested.

If it still doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, think about the man who lost his leg after attempting to jump onto a moving train in Bangledesh.


I understand that some people train surf to save money (or for the pure rush of it), but it’s not worth losing your life. It only takes one mistake for it to kill you.

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