This Woman’s Amazing Passover Story Has A Message We All Need To Hear

One of the kindest things you can do for another person is to make them feel loved and wanted when they’re lonely and on their own.

London-based CNN reporter James Masters must know this all too well, because on Passover this year, he decided to extend an open invitation via Twitter for others to attend his family’s Seder, the feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday.One of his followers, Samantha Gross, decided to take him up on his offer when she didn’t have anyone else to celebrate Passover with.By the end of the evening, she was inspired by the impact his hospitality had on her.

Gross has a powerful message about the difference a stranger’s kindness can make, so we’ll let her share this Passover story in her own words.

In his tweet, Masters wrote, “Tonight is so if you’re in London and you’ve got nowhere to go for Seder, get in touch. Nobody should be alone tonight.”

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The world definitely needs more people like Masters and his sweet, caring family.Share this heartwarming story to inspire others to do something kind for a stranger!

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