Blind Veteran Brought To Tears When He Realizes Who His Waiter Is

After the loss of his sister, a blind veteran went out to eat with his close family, who tried their best to cheer him up.

One person missing from the family gathering was the man’s grandson, who had moved from Wisconsin to Florida. The two used to see each other regularly, but now their only form of communication was through daily phone calls. But the veteran was in for a surprise when their waiter came over to take their order.

“Don’t you recognize me?” the waiter asked as the old man discovered that his grandson had traveled halfway across the country and disguised himself as a waiter just to surprise him. His reaction will really warm your heart.

(via Daily Mail)

What a powerful reunion. Despite having been through so much in his life, it’s obvious how much this man’s family means to him. This is what being a good grandchild is all about.

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