What Happened At This Walmart Is The Opposite Of What The Holidays Are All About

Two star-crossed families might sound like the plot of a certain famous Shakespearean tragedy, but in fact, it’s just the basis for one epic Walmart brawl.

If you thought Black Friday was the worst shopping day of the year, you’ve clearly never been to this Walmart in Slidell, Louisiana, at Christmastime. In the produce department, 10 people became embroiled in a fist fight that won’t soon be forgotten. Four women were arrested in the aftermath of the brawl, including a 17-year-old, while two others were taken to a nearby hospital.

According to the police on the scene, the fight was the continuation of an ongoing feud between two rival families.


(via Daily Mail)

Hopefully the women involved already had their Christmas shopping done because, after this incident, it’s safe to say that not only will they never be allowed back at the superstore, but they’ve earned themselves a permanent place on the naughty list.

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