Here’s How A Parenting Dispute Ended With A Mace-Filled Fight In Walmart

No parent likes when their children are criticized, but these women let their anger get way out of hand.

When three shoppers got into a verbal argument on Labor Day at a Michigan Walmart, the situation quickly turned violent. According to Dearborn Police Lieutenant Gary Mann, it all started when a small child almost ran into a 35-year-old woman from Pinckney inside the store. She then confronted the child’s mother, which led to a heated disagreement between her, the mother, and another woman. Not long after, a fourth woman approached the 35-year-old, hit her in the head, and blasted her with pepper spray.

The whole altercation was captured on the CCTV footage below. Shortly after, the three suspects ran out of the store.

(via Daily Mail)

The Dearborn Police Department is currently working to identify and locate all three suspects who fought with the victim. She sustained minor injuries from the pepper spray. “This type of behavior will not be tolerated in Dearborn,” said Police Chief Ronald Haddad. “I urge the public to come forward and provide us with the identities of these suspects.”

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