Iconic Woman Does What We’d All Want To Do If We Caught Our Man Cheating

One of the worst feelings in the world is being dumped, let alone dumped right before a wedding.

Khristella Joseph was devastated when she found out that her fiance was cheating on her, and he added salt to the wound by telling her that he never loved her and thought their whole relationship was “a big joke.” She obviously wanted nothing to do with the items she’d gathered for her wedding, but when she tried to return her wedding dress, the store wouldn’t take it. She also attempted to sell the $200 dress to another bride-to-be online with no luck.

That’s when she decided to do the most badass thing to get rid of this terrible memory.

First, she pulls out the lighter fluid, and then…good riddance!


Khristella has been through so much, and I hope this act of defiance gives her closure on a terrible situation. Share this if you would do the same thing if you found out your relationship was a sham.

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