When You Go Whale Watching, This Is Really Not What You’d Expect (Or Want) To See

Many of us see orcas, or killer whales, as sweet, gentle creatures, but sometimes we forget that their name is a very accurate description of what they do.

While some of these whales only eat fish, others prefer hunting and ruthlessly killing other marine mammals like seals, dolphins, and in this case, even other whales. Discovery Whale Watch, a new whale watching company in Monterey Bay, California, recently captured some amazing footage via drone of a gray whale defending her calf from a group of orcas. It’s definitely safe to say that these people got their money’s worth when they went out on the water!

Just imagine seeing this unfold in person.

Luckily the gray whale was able to fend them off and protect her calf, but this video just goes to show how terrifying killer whales can really be.Be sure to share this footage with others if you wish you were there to see it!

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