If You Can’t Even Do A Backflip On Solid Ground, What He Can Do Will Blow You Away

Being the completely uncoordinated person I am, I’ve never been able to remotely pull off anything when it comes to gymnastics.

That’s why I’m so amazed when I watch gymnasts and cheerleaders using their bodies in ways that seem absolutely impossible. Backflips look hard enough to do, which is why what this guy does is seriously astounding.In one of infamous stunt man Steve-O’s latest videos, Sean Noel, a personal trainer, attempts to successfully land a backflip on a roller — and he doesn’t disappoint.

My ankles hurt just watching this.


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For more impressive stunts like this, be sure to check out Steve-O’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to share this video if like me, you’d never be able to do something this epic!

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