This Dog Was Terrified Of Everything After Enduring Abuse. Then She Met This Baby.

When Nora was rescued from a puppy mill at just 10 months old, she was covered in dirt, emaciated, and pregnant with a little of puppies she would never know.

The abuse Nora endured at the puppy mill left her fearful of everyone and everything. But luckily for this terrified pup, the Spence family walked into her life and changed all that.

Elizabeth Spence recalled the first time they brought Nora to her forever home. It wasn’t long before she and the family understood the extent of their pet’s fear. Nora was a free dog afraid to embrace her new life. But then she met baby Archie.

Spence’s young baby Archie was just the person to quell Nora’s anxiety.

Because of Archie, she now has the courage to feel safe and secure around other people and animals.

Clearly, they’re the best of friends! And they love a good nap.

In fact, they do almost everything together.

They both share a love of music.

And Nora is more than happy to play dress-up.

Have you seen a more dynamic duo since Batman and Robin?

Why play with one toy when you can have ALL of the toys?

Have we mentioned how much these two love to nap?

Archie and Nora are proof that having a best friend by your side is enough to make all your fears go away.

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I can’t wait to see these two grow up together! If you’re a fan of adorable animal/human friendships, share this story and be sure to follow Archie and Nora’s adventures on Instagram.

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