Sassy Pet Siblings Have The Cutest Fight In The History Of Fights

Cats and dogs aren’t exactly known for getting along.

Even when they do manage to coexist relatively peacefully, there can be dust-ups between fur babies. That happens all the time in the home of Bambi Edlund, who has a huge Bernese mountain dog and a rescue catwho have developed quite the sassy fighting style.

Midge the cat has no problem getting Beatrix the dog’s attention by batting at her nose, and what follows is a pretty adorable mark of their inter-species friendship.

It might seem like Midge has the disadvantage in this “pawboxing” match, but she really holds her own. Her pettiness is legendary.

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That’s what having a sibling is all about. Let us know your best sibling rivalry stories in the comments, and be sure to share this with all the animal lovers in your life.

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