Your Heart Will Melt When You See What Happens After This Baby Puts On Glasses

Baby Alby Cash suffers from a rare condition called Nystagmus, which makes it very hard for him to see.

Nystagmus is caused by damaged or under-developed neural pathways. As a result off the disease, a person’s eyes can experience uncontrollable movements, making it difficult to see anything but blurred shapes. Although Nystagmus is incurable, this nugget recently found relief in the form of some specially designed glasses.

After slipping on the glasses for the first time, he appears to be confused by what he sees, but he soon warms up to the idea.

Watch as a huge smile spreads across his face when he sees his mom, Kristy, for the first time.

(via Daily Mail)

Videos like this really make you realize how much we take things like eyesight for granted. Share Alby’s incredible story if it warmed your heart.

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