She’s Going To Be A Lot Of Great Things One Day But Outdoorsy Won’t Be One Of Them

I live somewhere without much grass on the ground and I miss it.

I used to love laying down in it and feeling the strands between my toes on a beautiful day. If you ask most people who aren’t allergic, they’d say that grass is pretty pleasant, right? You don’t even have to be that outdoorsy to appreciate its magic.

One 11-month-old in Georgia is making it clear from the very beginning, however, that she’s not having any of it. The baby girl’s name is Kai, and her father, Pazi D, says she loves walking around while wearing shoes and will sit on a blanket, but barefoot? That’s a whole other story.

She totally refuses to put her feet down even for a second. Look at all that core strength at work!

Well, I guess we all have our quirks. She’s too cute! Share this adorable baby and her grass phobia with all the parents in your life.

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