These Women Were Switched At Birth Decades Ago. Watch As They Meet Their Families.

Being switched at birth was the plot of the groundbreaking Freeform TV show, but two women in Moldova just discovered they had been switched at birth nearly four decades later in a real-life twist.

The mothers of Valentina Suman and Tatyana Muradyan were sharing the same hospital room when their babies were both taken to be given a bath. However, when the babies returned, the girls were given to the wrong mothers.

After leaving the hospital, the infants both began experiences feeding and would spend hours crying for no reason at all. The families had long heard rumors that the children were switched, but it wasn’t until the Muradyan’s family prepared to move to the U.S. that they began taking the rumors seriously. After countless visits back to their homeland in search of the other family involved in the possible mix-up, it wasn’t until this past month that the rumors were finally confirmed.

Thanks to a series of DNA tests, Valentina and Tatyana were able to see their real biological families for the first time in 39 years.

(via Inside Edition)

That’s amazing, isn’t it? We’re happy that these women now have two families to call their own, even after such a devastating mistake.

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