This Girl Has A Hard Time Trick-Or-Treating, So Firefighters Did The Cutest Thing

Kids have a blast trick-or-treating every Halloween. Unfortunately, though, some have to miss out on the fun because their health issues get in the way.

For Armani, a girl who has Down syndrome, going out and collecting candy every year is difficult because she has problems with her vision as well as a low functioning immune system. She had to sit out this year, but thanks to her sister Amber’s boyfriend and his fellow firefighters at the Ridge Culver Fire Department in Rochester, New York, she still had an amazing time on All Hallow’s Eve.

Not only did the sweet men bring her candy, but they sang some of her favorite songs as well, including “Happy Birthday” — though it wasn’t really her birthday. Watch as Armani enjoys her own personal Halloween party below.

(via Love What Matters)

These men are already heroes, but they’re also exceptionally kind people for brightening up this girl’s night. I’m sure Armani will cherish this memory forever.

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