The Way This Nurse Helped A Kid Through A Tough Appointment Will Make You Smile

While you and I may be able to “suck it up” when it comes to health-related pains in the ass, like receiving necessary shots from the doctor, parents know all too well that it’s an entirely different story for kids.

For most adults, a prick of the needle, while uncomfortable, is fairly tolerable. For children, on the other hand, the anticipation can be terrifying — so much so that moms and dads sometimes have to drag their little ones in kicking and screaming. That’s why health care professionals who can turn the experience into something a little more enjoyable, or, at least, bearable, are so valuable.

One awesome nurse proved herself to be among these individuals while taking care of a nervous little boy back in December. He wasn’t excited at all about getting his shots, but his wariness disappeared pretty quickly when his nurse started showing him some “magic tricks.”

Watch as this lady cleverly distracts the boy and makes him super proud of himself for not crying.

He may have walked into the doctor’s office afraid of the pain, but he walked out a brave little boy, and five dollars richer to boot! All of this is thanks to the fantastic, caring lady who’s so great at her job.

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