Someone Held A Phone Over This Woman’s Tattoo And Made Something So Cool Happen

We all have our own mementos of things we treasure the most.

For many, it’s an object that reminds us of people or places we love, maybe even a meaningful tattoo. Some people, on the other hand, prefer something that can be heard. For example, plenty of people keep a recorded message from a loved one who’s passed away. But what if you could have both — a visual and auditory keepsake in one? That’s exactly what you’ll get with a Skin Motion tattoo.

What makes these tattoos so special isn’t just that they’re created from a real sound wave, but that the clip can be played with an app. This woman will be able to hear her late grandmother’s voice anytime she wants by holding her phone over the tattoo.

The company behind the one-of-a-kind tattoos allows people to upload sound waves, then generates a stencil for them to take to a trained tattoo artist. Once they’ve been inked up, they just need to download the Skin Motion app to activate the tattoo. This man also lost his grandma, but he’ll cherish her voice on his arm forever.

The best part? The clips aren’t limited to people’s voices. You can use recordings of your pets, too!

In fact, you can use just about any clip of sound you want, provided it’s 30 seconds or less in length. Learn more about these works of art below.

What a unique way to memorialize the sounds that mean so much to you. You can find more information about Skin Motion by visiting their website. Would you consider getting a sound wave tattoo?

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