Just When He Had Given Up On Seeing His BFF Again, He Heard A Knock At The Door

There are few things sweeter than a boy and his dog.

That’s why those old movies like “Old Yeller” really hit us in the feels. When a dog dies or is lost, it can be completely devastating for children who consider their pets to be their best friends. One boy whose dog, Jack, ran off had pretty much given up hope he would ever see him again after he’d been missing for eight months.

But that’s not what the universe had in store for these BFFs. A neighbor spotted Jack at a gas station and the rest is history.

Watch as these two have a tearjerking reunion. Get out your tissues!



Thank goodness they were able to find each other once again. Here’s to many more years of these two loving each other. Share this with all the dog lovers you know!

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