Here’s Your Daily Moment Of Zen Courtesy Of A Bulldog And Some Blueberries

Lots of people refer to pets as their “babies,” but this French bulldog eating blueberries takes things to a whole new level.

Maybe it’s her adorable face or ability to use a fork like a proper little lady, but this pup has her owner completely wrapped around her paw. While I’m over here working and paying bills, she’s kicked back in a stroller eating blueberries like a queen. The only thing missing is her crown, but something tells me she’s stashed it nearby.

“Yes, I will have another blueberry. And after that, a walk in the park and a nap, please!”

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If I could trade places with this bulldog for a few days, that would be GREAT! Be sure to share her adorableness with your friends and family, especially those who are dog lovers!

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