This Girl Says She Was Being Bullied, But Was She The Real Bully Here?

Back in 2016, a video of a girl fighting a boy at Sonoma Valley High School in California quickly went viral on social media, with a surprising number of viewers praising her and stating that the boy deserved it.

Many commented on the video and said the teen had been standing up for herself and that the boy was a bully, but whether he previously harassed her in person or on the internet or not isn’t clear. The girl, who went to Creekside High School at the time, claimed that she had confronted him and he threw water in her face, which hadn’t been recorded on video.

After that alleged incident was when the fight began. The girl, who was said to be trained in mixed martial arts, threw the boy to the ground and kneed him in the face before running away.

(via Sonoma Index-Tribune and 6abc)

According to 6 ABC, the school district released a statement saying administrators took “appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with established school district policies,” but didn’t elaborate further. Though we don’t know for sure whether this girl was really bullied or not, it’s important to mention that violence is never the answer.

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