Cops Quite Literally Enter The Line Of Fire To Save Two Teens From A Burning Car

One of the most common calls police respond to are car accidents.

Nicholas Schlei and Nicholas Reid responded to a call that two teenagers had crashed into a utility pole, but when they arrived on the scene, they got more than they were bargaining for. The men, known as the “Nick Squad,” saw that the car was on fire, and the flames were too large to put out themselves with an extinguisher. That’s when they did the bravest thing possible, entering a literal line of fire to save the two teens trapped inside.

Body camera footage captured the entire dramatic rescue on video, and you can watch the heroic moment below.

The officers say they were just doing their jobs, but they’re (rightfully) being honored for their bravery in the face of danger. Thank goodness they were there to get those teens to safety.

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