This Woman’s EPIC Response Is Exactly How You Should Deal With A Cheater

Finding out that you’re being cheated on by the person you love is always a heartbreaking and infuriating experience, but it’s made so much worse when they refuse to take responsibility for what they did.

One woman was out having lunch when she saw another woman confronting the man who betrayed her. The guy tried to play it off as if he was the victim in the whole situation (yes,seriously) but his girlfriend-turned-ex came back at him with such an awesome response that the woman sitting next to them couldn’t resist live-tweeting their entire conversation.

If you’ve ever been cheated on, buckle up and get ready to cheer for this classy and well-spoken lady because you’re in for quite a ride!

On behalf of everyone here, you go girl! I only wish I had said this to all of my cheating exes! Be sure to share if you think this lady handled her crappy situation like an absolute champ.


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