Hikers Could Have Easily Been Killed If They’d Been Any Closer To This Cliff’s Edge

I live in a place that gets very little rain, so when it comes, it’s celebrated.

But it can also be very destructive. Heavy rain can result in flooding and it can destabilize the ground in a major way. Mountains can be particularly vulnerable, as people found out recently in China.

Heavy rains for several days created a crack in a cliff face more than 65 feet long. They evacuated the 10 houses at the foot of the mountain, but when they got close to the edge, they didn’t realize just how unstable this chunk of earth was.

Watch the incredible moment that this huge cliff goes tumbling down hundreds of feet to the road below.


OMG! That’s so insane. I’m so glad no one got hurt. Share this natural phenomenon with people you know who will be totally blown away.

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