What This Brave Girl Said In Front Of Her Church Resulted In Them Cutting Her Off

Though we live in a very progressive time, some people still feel it’s necessary to hide who they are because of how they might be treated by others who don’t agree with their lifestyles.

Savannah, a 12-year-old girl from Utah, however, didn’t want to mask the part of herself she’s come to accept and love, so in June 2016, she came out to her parents as a lesbian — and they turned out to be very supportive. A few months later, she made the brave decision to tell fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I had a feeling like I should come out to the church,” Savannah said. “I came out to all of my family and I just wanted to do something more.” Though the church’s policies about gay individuals are well known — they welcome members with same-sex attractions but condemn them for acting on those feelings — Savannah still wanted to share how she feels with her congregation.

She spent a lot of time writing her speech, in which she wanted to convey that gays deserve more respect and acceptance in her church. Despite being warned by her parents that the reaction might not be positive, she stood up on the podium the day she planned to speak while family friends recorded.


How she delivered her eloquent speech spoke volumes about how mature and courageous she is. Unfortunately, before she could finish it, her microphone was cut off and she was told to sit down.


(via MommyPage and CNN)

Savannah was understandably upset, but her parents couldn’t be more proud of what she accomplished. “She has more courage than I’ve ever seen in anybody,” her mom Heather said. “To be able to share something so personal with everybody. That made my heart soar as a parent.” Share if you think nobody should ever be silenced about who they are inside.

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