This Determined Snake Said To Hell With Gravity When It Caught Its Meal

I don’t really have a problem with snakes…as long as they stay outside.

There are tons of people who keep them as pets, but that’s just not my thing. I can’t even imagine what I would do if I came home and found a creepy crawly critter in my house. In fact, I’d probably just move out.

One woman recently posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when she found a snake dangling from her air conditioning unit, but that wasn’t the only surprise! This snake was holding on for dear life to its dinner.

See that hole in the wall at the bottom? Air conditioning experts chimed in to say that that’s how the reptile slithered its way in.

(via Trending PA More)

Yikes! Once she deals with the snake, it might be time to take care of the mouse problem, too. Freak out your friends and family by sharing this video with them.

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