If You Never Thought You’d See Yourself In A Raccoon, You Haven’t Seen Her Art

People and raccoons lead vastly different lives from each other, but in this artist’s comics, the latter understand human problems all too well.

Carissa Kaye Powell, also known as Simkaye, says she found inspiration for her furry and insightful character from good-natured teasing. “After a few friends and coworkers likened me to a raccoon, I began drawing Coon to document my internal dialogue and domestic misadventures,” she writes. “I’ve always been inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s way of finding humor in life’s mishaps, and Coon is an embodiment of that.” If you can’t imagine being able to relate to a raccoon, this sassy critter will definitely change your mind.

Check out some of Simkaye’s best and funniest comics below.

(via BoredPanda)

Coon is really every adult in raccoon form. You can find more of Simkaye’s hilarious and sometimes depressing Coon comics on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon and her website.

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