They Were Using Dead Cows For A Study. Wait Until You See How They Lost One.

In hopes of learning more about the behaviors of animals such as vultures and other scavengers, scientists in Utah got quite the shock.

Scientists from the University of Utah set out seven cow carcasses in a grassy area, hoping to track the behaviors of scavengers during the winter months. Each carcass was equipped with a camera to record any and all findings.

When scientist Evan Buechley made the trek out to the test site to examine the carcasses, he found that one of the cows had gone missing. As he reviewed the footage, he was stunned to watch it all unfold.

Buechley quickly discovered that a badger had buried the cow underground to use it a food source in the coming weeks.

Badgers have been known to bury small animals to use as food, but this is the first time that scientists have discovered badgers burying anything larger than small birds or mammals.

(via Daily Mail)

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