You Don’t Know What A Crappy Day Is Until Firemen Save You From Your Toilet

If you think you’re having a crappy day, just wait until you see what happened to this woman from Cleveland, Texas.

After a week of bad luck, this woman was sick of calling experts for help. She’d had a water pipe burst, a brand-new lawn mower stop working, and had even gotten her car stuck in the mud on her front lawn. Nothing, however, could top what happened when she tried to fix a clogged toilet with her hand instead of a plunger.

Her hand went in…but she couldn’t get it back out! She had to call the fire department for help AND bare the agony of the entire scene taking place outside. How embarrassing is that?

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I bet she regrets not calling a plumber now! Be sure to share this shitty situation with your friends, and if you’re thinking about sticking your hand down a toilet, maybe just don’t.

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