This Creature Will Probably Give You Nightmares, But I Can’t Look Away

We already know that the groundhog saw its shadow and cursed us with six more weeks of winter. But what does it mean when a creepy critter struggles out of its cocoon only to pop right back in?

As far as I can tell, it means I’m going to have a creepy crawly nightmare tonight. The hair-raising footage was taken by YouTuber Jack Markiewicz, who wasn’t sure exactly what the creature was. Many people have suggested that it’s a caddisfly, an insect that is closely related to moths and butterflies. Unlike their winged cousins, however, these larvae combine silk with leaves, plants, sand, and twigs to make their cocoons.

As disgusting as this little guy is, I can’t look away. Why oh why does it have so many legs?!

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Nature can be so damn weird. If you want to gross out your friends today, all you have to do is share this video. Thank us later.

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