Adorable Footage Of A Crow Getting Groomed Is Oddly Relaxing To Watch

Owning a crow wouldn’t exactly be high on my pet wish list, but after seeing adorable moments like this, I may have to reconsider!

Crows are known for being those loud, obnoxious squawkers that wake us up from atop the power lines and scavenge for road kill meals, but while they may not have the best rap, it’s clear to see that crows just want to be pampered like the rest of us! Also, fun fact: They’re INCREDIBLY intelligent.

In a clip aptly set to the song “Love Me Tender,” a relaxed crow can be seen getting a much-needed grooming from its favorite human.

This is honestly so satisfying to watch.

Well if nothing else, at least we know that the next time a flock of crows wakes you up before your alarm, they probably just want some TLC.

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