When This Baby Had To Get Shots, His Hilariously Empathetic Dad Lost It

When parents say they feel their children’s pain, sometimes they really mean it. Just ask this funny dad!

Antwon Lee recently took his two-month-old son, Debias King, to his local pediatrician in Georgia, where the boy was due to receive the usual shots infants need. It became apparent that he was pretty nervous when he started assuring the baby that though it would hurt, he’d be fine — a pep talk likely given more for his own benefit than the child’s.

When the time came for the shots to be administered, Lee clearly struggled watching his little one cry. But being the caring father that he is, he stayed at his son’s side, consoled him, and experienced the pain with him in his own hilarious (and adorable) way.


What a sweet, supportive dad! This first-time father is already proving what an excellent parent he is.

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