This Body Artist’s Incredible Paintings Will Really Get Under Your Skin

Countless works of art depict the outer beauty of the human body, but this artist does things differently by digging a little deeper.

Danny Quirk is fascinated by the human anatomy, especially when it comes to what’s underneath our skin. His amazing drawings and paintings capture the inner workings of our bodies from muscle tissues to bones in incredible detail.

Specializing in photo realistic watercolor, Danny prides himself on “painting what the camera can’t capture.”

His pieces are both dark and captivating as visual representations of human dissection.

Some have made their way into doctors office, where they add an informative and beautiful touch.

His body art is even more amazing.

Just look at that detail!

Sometimes it even gets too close to reality for comfort.

Watch his process with body art in the video below. It’s so cool!

You can find more of Danny’s art on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to check out his page on Etsy. Share if you’d love to hang one of his pieces in your home or have it painted on your own body!

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