When A Child Defied A Daycare Worker, He Did Something Heinous. It’s Hard To Watch.

When parents drop their kids off at daycare, they trust that their precious children will be in loving and safe hands.

That’s why there are so many regulations about who is allowed to work with kids. While most daycares provide an excellent place for children to learn and grow while their parents work, one Texas mom recently learned that it’s so important to stay vigilant.

When her four-year-old came home from Children’s Lighthouse Daycare with a split lip, Mom did the right thing and immediately called the police. What they found was shocking.

Gregory Diglin, a daycare worker, was caught on video slamming the girl to the ground after she refused to get off the floor. Be warned: this footage is disturbing.


Diglin was (rightfully) fired immediately and is now in jail facing a $200,000 bond. Chief Matthew Rodriguez of Montgomery County Constables Office, Precinct 3 said, “It is a high bond. This is a pretty violent action toward a very small child. We take these things very seriously in Montgomery County.”

This is every parent’s worst nightmare. He should never have been working with children. Share this if you hope that this monster is brought to justice.

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