This Is Not What You Want To Hear From Your Son When You Tell Him A Baby’s Coming

Revealing to your son or daughter that another sibling is on the way should be a joyous announcement for all those involved…the keyword here being “should.”

Unfortunately for little Carson, he wasn’t so accepting of his parents’ comment that a new sibling would soon be here. Carson had come to enjoy being the youngest child and stealing all the attention away from his older brother. The coming of a new baby meant that he’d soon become the middle child and he simply wasn’t having any of that.

Upon hearing the news that mommy had a baby in her tummy, Carson went through what appears to be the 12 stages of grief. We hear you, buddy.

Even his older brother can’t seem to sway his opinions about being a big brother.

As an only child, I can’t really relate to Carson, seeing as how all I’ve ever wanted in life was a baby brother or sister (although I would have settled for a pony). Share his reaction if your kiddos were less than enthused by a similar announcement.

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