Precious Dog Enjoys Life On So Many Beds After Years Of Abuse

Perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures is the sense of peace and comfort you have in your own space.

Whether you’ve had a hard day at work or things just weren’t going your way, troubles tend to melt away at home. But while most people can find comfort there, the same cannot be said about those suffering from emotional and physical abuse. This holds true for our four-legged friends as well. After more than eight years of abuse and discomfort, Lola the dog is finally learning how to relax.

For the better part of a decade, Lola was chained up in a dark garage and forced to sleep on concrete.

Any sense of comfort was unknown to the abused pup until AMA Animal Rescue came to her aid and gave her a second chance at life.

But these days, Lola lives it up in Manhattan with her new mom, Charlène von Saher.

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Ahhhhhh, I am so happy. #amaanimalrescue #teamAMA#sungodess

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Today she has access to all of the beds her heart desires!

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Lola has made great use of her doggy beds and has found the perfect positions for maximum comfort.

I mean, look at her thriving.

And when her collection of dog beds just won’t do, Lola isn’t afraid to borrow a pillow or two from Mom.

“Mom, I’m relaxing. Please stop taking photos. My fans can wait.”

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#amaanimalrescue #teamAMA

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Seeing Lola chill out is her human’s favorite thing, especially since she knows the heartache and abuse the pup felt for most of her life.

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I’m totally envious of Lola and her ability to chill just about anywhere. Be sure to share this with all the pet parents in your life!

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