Ear Tattoos May Sound Weird, But These 19 Adorable Photos Will Make You Want One

When we think about tattoos, body parts like arms, legs, backs, hands, and feet come to mind, but ears? Not so much.

Of all the places on my body I’ve wanted to tat up, that’s always been pretty much the last spot I’ve considered. However, seeing the way creative designs make ears look so delicate and beautiful has definitely made me change my tune — and it’ll probably change yours as well.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get the urge to add ink to your ears, because these 19 unique tattoos are so cool that they’ll inspire you to get one of your own.

1. It’s amazing how the simplicity of a tiny flower can add so much elegance to an ear.

2. Ear flowers look even prettier with color.

3. If you love moons and stars, this one’s definitely for you.

4. Wear a flower earring and this would look even more beautiful.

5. Fish bones never looked cuter.

6. These simple lines could double as earrings AND tattoos!


7. If you’re a fan of “Beauty and the Beast,” you can’t go wrong with this exquisite rose.

8. I love how this one parallels the shape of the outer ear.


9. Show others how much music means to you with this cute, single note.

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10. I don’t even like snails that much but this little guy is absolutely adorable.

11. This critter may be even cuter.

12. She’ll never have to worry about wearing earrings again!


13. This one’s barely even noticeable but gorgeous at the same time.


14. If you’re looking for something a bit more edgy, here’s something to consider.

15. I heart this tattoo.

16. The earring in the center makes it pop even more.


17. This is my favorite new spot for butterfly tattoos.


18. Cherry blossoms or Hello Kitty, anyone?

19. I’d be happy if my ear looked that cute, too!

(via BoredPanda)

I’m seriously considering getting one of my ears inked up after seeing all that creativity.Which one was your favorite? Let us know below, and be sure to share these cool designs with others if you’d get one yourself!

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