She’d Been In The Foster System For Years When A Woman Gave Her Life-Changing News

Many kids spend years in foster care wishing that one day, they’ll get a family of their own.

For one 11-year-old girl in South Jordan, Utah, that day came when her school’s office manager, Jackie Alexander, gave her the best news of her life. Tannah Butterfield has been with her foster parents, Jen and Jeff Fisher, for two years when they decided to not only make her a permanent member of their family, but her two siblings as well!

That morning, the Fisherscalled Alexander and asked her to relay the news that they were officially going to adopt Tannah and her siblings, six-year-old Teagun and two-year-old Tallie. Here’s her adorable reaction.

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(via Independent)

I’m not ashamed to admit that tears are running down my cheeks right now. I’m so happy for this family!

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