This Sassy Dog Has No Time For Your Nonsense Now That Summer’s Here

After being cooped up all winter long, it’s no surprise that man’s best friend can’t wait to enjoy the dog days of summer in style.

And no one knows how to relax in the summer quite like Asher. The pool isn’t just a place for his human companions to try and beat the heat. Asher often joins in on the pool party with the help of an inflatable shark. But if you think you’re going to try and bother Asher with life’s hardest questions, he simply isn’t having any of it. He’s living his best life soaking up rays without a care in the world.

“What was that, human? I couldn’t hear you over my superiority.”

(via Daily Mail)

I don’t known about you, but I’m incredibly jealous of Asher’s summer lifestyle, and I’m sure there’s more fun ahead. And if you’d rather be living it up in the pool with Asher, share this video with your boss to let them know that you’re calling in sick tomorrow!

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