This Little Girl And Her Three Besties Are The Cutest Little Family Of All Time

Not only does this little girl have three best friends, but she gets to live with all of them!

Kennedy has spent her entire live with sweet, furry siblings by her side. Some might even say they had a paw in raising her, because her two pug brothers, Barnum and Bailey, got to meet her as soon as she was born. Now she does everything with her clan of pugs and it’s the cutest thing ever.

It’s definitely safe to say it was love at first sight for Barnum and Bailey.

They never left their baby sister’s side and always did their best to protect her.

Then Kennedy got a sister of her own when her mom adopted Tahlulabelle in 2015.

Now this happy little foursome loves going on walks together…

…sharing food…

…taking naps and snuggling…

…playing with toys…

…and having tea parties together!

Kennedy loves her pugs so much that she’s even starting to act like them.

(via The Dodo)

Kennedy and her three best friends are way too precious. You can follow this adorable foursome on Instagram, and be sure to share if your kids have the same bond with your own pets!

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