In Case You Need Further Convincing, This Shows Why You Don’t Mess With Gators

Most people have the common sense not to try doing obviously stupid things that could get them seriously injured or even killed. Others, like this guy, apparently need a friendly reminder.

A man named Michael who calls himself “The Gator Crusader” recently decided it would be a great idea to strap a Go Pro on his head and let an alligator bite the camera to show people “what a gator bite is like.” What he actually ended up doing was demonstrating one of the dumbest things you can do around these predators.

Watch as he lowers his head towards the reptile’s gaping mouth — and please, don’t ever attempt this yourself.

(via IFL Science)

While it looks like he didn’t get injured at all, the alligator could have very easily decided that it’d rather lock its powerful jaws around his head. Share if people like this are making you lose faith in humanity.

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