They Were Out Boating When A Hippo Did The Last Thing You Would Expect

Hippos are known for being kind of silly looking, but they’re actually incredibly dangerous.

In fact, the hippopotamus is the most dangerous land animal in Africa, and they kill more humans each year than crocodiles do. They’re known for lurking in the water, but you might be surprised to know that hippos can’t actually swim. Rather, they do little moon walks under water and propel themselves upward by pushing off the bottom.

Whether or not these enormous creatures can swim, they sure can move quickly. In 2015, a boater was able to catch some incredible footage of a hippo charging after them and it is absolutely insane.

I can’t even believe how fast it’s moving. I’ve watched this like 30 times!

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Well, that hippo certainly lives up to the dangerous hype. I wouldn’t want that thing charging at me! Share this if you were totally amazed.

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