This Highway Fire Was Devastating And Seeing It From The Driver’s Seat Is So Scary

On the evening of March 30, 2017, Atlanta highway I-85 was rocked by a major fire.

Not only did the fire engulf more than five lanes of the heavily used interstate, but it eventually became so powerful that it caused a total collapse of a northbound overpass. Police believe that the fire was intentionally set by three homeless people, though their motivations are still unknown. Regardless of the motive, it was a scary and dangerous time for commuters who were just trying to get home from work.

Many of them were able to capture the fire on video, and it’s totally terrifying to watch.

The 40-foot-high wall of fire was seen for miles around the blaze, with black smoke billowing upward.

Some motorists were faced with having to literally drive through the fire since there appeared to be no way to turn back.

And you thought YOUR commute was bad.

The destruction afterward and collapse of the overpass were completely devastating. Officials anticipate it will take many months to return I-85 to normal operation.

(via CNN)

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Here’s hoping the people who started the fire are brought to justice and the repairs go smoothly. Fortunately, no one was injured in the devastation. Share this if you’re thankful for all the brave firefighters who kept Atlanta drivers safe during this awful incident.

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