Photographer Flips The Script On Sexist Ads From Another Era

Though the image of a housewife who cooks, cleans, and takes care of all her husband’s needs has faded out over the past several decades, some men still believe this is a description of the perfect woman.

Eli Rezkallah, a photographer and video editor from Beirut, Lebanon, can attest that the sexist ideologies portrayed in ads from the past still exist today.That’s what inspired him to create his own photographic recreations of vintage ads, reversing gender roles and showing us what it’d look like if men were treated the way women were back in the day.

Rezkallah says it all started with a conversation between his relatives.

“Last Thanksgiving, I overheard my uncles talk about how women are better off cooking, taking care of the kitchen, and fulfilling ‘their womanly duties,'” Rezkallah wrote on his website.

“Although I know that not all men are like my uncles and think that way, I was surprised to learn that some still do, so I went on to imagine a parallel universe, where roles are inverted and men are given a taste of their own sexist poison.”

Check out the rest of his photo series, “In A Parallel Universe” below.

(via Bored Panda)

Take that, sexist men! You can find more of the talented photographer’s work on Facebook and his website.

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