Feel Like You’re Crushing It At The Gym? These People Might Kill Your Confidence.

They say there will always be people who are better and worse than you at whatever you do, and working out is no exception.

You may be able to run faster or lift more than one person, but no matter how hard you push your body to its limits, there’s someone out there making what you do at the gym look like child’s play — case in point, these absolute beasts. While they make what they’re doing look like a piece of cake to pull off, you probably don’t want to try their extreme exercise routines at home.

1. Why jog on one treadmill when you can run across seven?


2. There’s flexible, and then there’s flexible.

3. Anywhere is a gym for these parkour-loving guys.

4. Need a lift, bro?


5. Teamwork helps these two pull off the coolest moves.


Wow! It’s amazing what some people can do with their bodies. There’s no doubt that I’d hurt myself if I tried any of these.

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