She Pointed Her Camera At The Moon And Captured Something So Beautiful

As science and technology have continued to advance throughout the years, so have the capabilities of the devices we use every day.

There’s no better example of this than the evolution of the iPhone, or more specifically, the phone’s camera. Over the years, Apple had advanced the iPhone’s camera to allow even the most amateur photographers to produce museum-quality masterpieces, or in the case of Melissa Long, something fit for the silver screen.

Long was enjoying a night exploring the stars with her Celestron telescope when she noticed a plane approaching the moon. Never one to pass up a great opportunity, Long switched her phone’s video camera into slow-mo and filmed the aircraft crossing the face of the moon.

This is honestly so relaxing to watch.

(via Daily Mail)

While most of us are using our cellphone cameras for selfies, Long is putting her tech to good use.

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