When She’s Not Helping Students, This Artist Is Leaving Stunning Surprises For Them

Joanna Hedrick works as a counselor at the Sacramento State University Student Service Center. But in her free time, she creates beautiful environmental art on campus.

It all started in 2013, when Hedrick was taking photos of her two children at the school. Looking for a visually striking background, she used a rake to arrange fallen leaves from a gingko tree into a gorgeous golden pattern. She was stunned by the overwhelmingly positive response from those who saw and shared photos of it on social media, so she decided to make her art an annual tradition. Now she creates about six elaborate designs every year from the leaves of gingko trees, leaving them as gifts for students studying for exams.

“[My art] is about taking something that’s already beautiful and making something unique—something you don’t just pass by,” Hedrick told Sactown Magazine. Check out some of her best arrangements below, all of which take two to three hours to create.

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What a treat for everyone lucky enough to spent time at this university! You can check out more of Hedrick’s golden masterpieces on Instagram.

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