This Old Cement Factory May Look Boring On The Outside, But Inside, It’s Awesome

When architect Ricardo Bofill came across an abandoned cement factory, his mind instantly began to flood with ideas for the space.

Over the course of the last 45 years, Bofill and two collaborators have been putting their time, energy, and creativity into the property, which they call La Fábrica. Their passion project is an absolutely astonishing building to behold — check it out below.

When Bofill first purchased the cement factory near Barcelona, Spain, he set out to renovate it into his very own home.

He and his team could’ve just completely torn down the building’s existing structures, but instead, they spent years partially deconstructing the architecture with dynamite and jackhammers to find the space’s true potential.

After finding suitable spaces on the property, Bofill began adding greenery and vegetation.

As this process continued, walls and rooftops became settings for exquisite works of natural art.

The factory has been totally transformed into a mansion-like living space that would make any Beverly Hills resident jealous.

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Each room of the house serves a specific purpose, and no two rooms are alike.

While creating this dream home, Bofill and his team experimented with various architectural styles including surrealism, functionalism, brutalism, and absurdism.

La Fábrica boasts a gallery space, a studio, and a cathedral.

Bofill describes the home’s unique layout by saying, “Life goes on here in a continuous sequence, with very little difference between work and leisure.”

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Most would deem La Fábrica a finished product, but Bofill says that the space will evolve and change as inspiration strikes.

(via Ricardo Bofill)

What an incredible work of architecture. Share this with your friends if you’d love to spend some time here!

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