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When This Wildlife Photographer Looked Out At His Deck, He Saw Something Amazing

Living in a mountainous area, there have been many times I’ve looked outside my window to see groups of deer in my front yard.

But living in Anchorage, Alaska, photographer Tim Newton recently saw something much more incredible lingering just outside his home. He woke up to noises coming from his decka couple of weeks ago, and when he went to find out what it was, he was greeted with this amazing sight.

On the deck was a mother lynx and her seven kits.

Being a wildlife photographer, Newton definitely didn’t waste his opportunity to take as many photos as he could from the inside his home.

Clearly, the little cuties had a blast playing on the deck…

…and in the yard…

…with Mom always keeping a watchful eye.

They were only around for 30 or 40 minutes, but the stunning photos Newton captured will keep this little family in his memory forever.

(via BoredPanda)

To see all of Newton’s beautiful photos of the lynxes, be sure to check him out on Facebook and his website. You can even buy prints of them here!

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