Artist Reveals What It Would Look Like If Classical Figures From Paintings Lived In Our World

Classical paintings depicted people hundreds of years ago in their natural environment.

That natural environment was usually, well, nature. As humans have changed the landscape of the earth over the years, we’ve still romanticized nature and many artists have been reluctant to include the human-made aspects of our lives. But what would happen if those figures from long ago showed up in our cities or interacted with technology? One artist is using his work to answer that very question.

Alexey Kondakov is known for taking classical paintings of people out of their element.

He puts them into dense, crowded spaces like cities, where the contrast between the two is most evident.

He expertly incorporates the natural shapes of the paintings into their new environment.

It’s a fascinating look into both the past and the present.

As digital art moves us forward, Kondakov still has one eye in the past to ground us.

You can see more of his stunning and innovative work on Instagram.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite. They’re so seamless and ethereal. Where would you put a classical figure in your town or city? Sound off in the comments.

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