When She Asked A Cop To Check Her House For Monsters, He Adorably Obliged

As a four-year-old child, something as simple as moving across town to a new house can bring about a whole host of burning questions. For example, what if the new house is full of ghosts and monsters?

After meeting a friendly police officer at a local fundraiser, four-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch asked Officer David Bonday over to her home to help check the house for any sign of monsters before her family got all settled in. And while most people would have laughed off the adorable request, Officer Bonday obliged the little girl’s offer and less than two weeks later, the hunt was on.

Donning her own police uniform, Fahrenbruch and her law enforcement best friend set out to exterminate all the ghosts and goblins.


(ViaABC News)

And while this crime-fighting duo’s monster hunt turned up empty, it’s always nice to see little acts of kindness like this one.

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