This Live Tweet Of A Date With An Olive Garden Manager Is Everything And More

When it comes to my chain restaurant of choice, there’s a special place in my heart for the Olive Garden.

If I’m being honest, I eat Olive Garden food more than I probably should. The chain is known for two things: being totally unhealthy and supplying people with the holy grail of restaurant food — breadsticks. They draw you in with their “When you’re here, you’re family” slogan and keep you with baskets full of warm bread.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if tragedy befell the Olive Garden in the form of a breadstick shortage? What happens when tensions run high after long wait times? Well thanks to writer Joe Wadlington, all your questions are about to be answered. While on a blind date with a former Olive Garden General Manger, Wadlington couldn’t help but live tweet the interaction as he asked all of the hard-hitting questions.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Wadlington’s date worked at the three-story Times Square location? His credentials are pretty legit and we’re sure he saw a thing or two during his tenure with the chain.

Spill that (peach bellini) tea!

I would have thrown a shoe at someone if this happened to me.


It is, after all, a world-renowned eatery. (No it’s not.)

Why eat OG food in your hometown at reasonable prices when you could pay three times as much in NYC?!

See guys, size doesn’t matter. There’s still a two hour wait!

He may not speak Italian, but he can woo you with his knowledge of Italian eateries.

That’s a lot of food on one plate!

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The upside? Leftovers for days!

I know plenty of people who would do this!

You heard him people, “Let them eat…lasagna!”

This guy’s clearly never met a carboholic.

Well, this just took a turn.

Is BYOK a real thing?

This is already starting to sound like a subplot from an action film.

No one’s knives are safe.

Seriously who would do this in public?

Thank goodness that manager was there to save the day!

How epic would it be if they continued the knife fight with breadsticks?

It’s good to know that once you leave those doors, you’re excommunicated from your “family.”

Way, WAY worse.

That feeling when you’re asked to compare running out of food with possible homicide.

To be honest, I probably would have put a ring on it as well.

(via ScaryMommy)

I can officially die happy now that I know what goes on behind the scenes at my favorite restaurant. Let us your favorite place to eat and be sure to share this hilarious first date Q&A with someone who loves the Olive Garden as much as I do!

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